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Commercial Coffee Machine: Featured Image

Commercial Coffee Machine: Top Rated Pourover Office Coffee Brewer 2018

A commercial coffee machine is an integral part of offices everywhere.  Many office workers can’t function until they have their first cup of coffee and a commercial coffee machine gives them that perfect first cup. While some upscale office environments choose
Best Electric Smoker: Featured Image

Best Electric Smoker: Top Rated Electric Digital Smoker 2018

The best electric smoker uses electricity to provide heat and burns wood chips to provide smoke.  The best electric smoker is for the chef who wants simple heat and smoke control, wants fast startup times, likes easier maintenance, and just generally
Best Portable Charcoal Grill: Featured Image

Best Portable Charcoal Grill: Top Rated Budget Kamado Charcoal Grill 2018

If you’re looking for the best portable charcoal grill, have you considered a kamado style grill and smoker? The best portable charcoal grill doesn’t have to be a cheap standard model with poor temperature control.  A kamado style grill and smoker
Best Vertical Charcoal Smoker: Featured Image

Best Vertical Charcoal Smoker: Top Rated Midsize Bullet Charcoal Smoker 2018

You’re looking for the best vertical charcoal smoker to provide a traditional, authentic flavor and style to your cooking.  The best vertical charcoal smoker is well-made from quality materials that allow you to accurately control temperature and gives you the opportunity
Commercial Microwave: Featured Image

Commercial Microwave Oven: Top 4 Best Rated Commercial Microwave Ovens 2018

You need a commercial microwave ovenif your operation is a heavy user of microwave cooking.  A commercial microwave oven is a good choice for coffee shops, concessions, ethnic restaurants, dessert stations, fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, offices, breakrooms, heavy home use, elderly
Wood Burning Camp Stove: Featured Image

Wood Burning Camp Stove: Top Rated Camp Stove 2018

A wood burning camp stove makes cooking easier and faster than just using a campfire.  In both cases you need wood for fuel, but a well-designed wood burning camp stove will use less fuel, be more efficient, and get hotter than
Sous Vide Immersion Circulator: Featured Image

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator: Top Rated Sous Vide Precision Cooker 2018

A sous vide immersion circulator is the simple, cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of the sous vide cooking style.  It allows you to use your own cooking containers which saves money and a sous vide immersion circulator is compact and
Water Cooker: Featured Image

Water Cooker: Top Rated Automatic Sous Vide Water Oven 2017

A water cooker or Sous Vide water oven is a popular new way to cook food that captures the true flavor of foods while retaining the natural juices and nutrients often lost using other cooking methods.  A water cooker can make
Above Stove Microwave: Featured Image

Above Stove Microwave: Top Rated Budget Over-the-Range Microwave Oven 2017

An above stove microwave, also known as an over-the-range (OTR) microwave, is designed to save space in your kitchen by removing the microwave from your counter and mounting it above the stove.  Given the size of most large microwaves, the space savings
Best Vacuum Sealer: Featured Image

Best Vacuum Sealer: Top 7 Best Rated Home Vacuum Sealers 2017

The best vacuum sealer can save you money by reducing waste from spoiled food and by allowing you to buy larger quantities of food at bulk prices.  The best vacuum sealer allows you to store your food in convenient bags which