Yes, it’s that time again when your student leaves their summer job or summer fun behind and heads back to college.  EitherBack To College Appliances MicroFridge 2.9 MF-7TP Front View they’re already set up in a dorm room or apartment and their supplies requirements will be minimal or they’re freshmen and need a whole lot of stuff to go with them.  Hopefully, you’ve thought about what back to college appliances they will need.

The most common appliances that students need at college include a compact microwave, a compact fridge, a handheld or stick vacuum, a coffee maker, a humidifier, and a clothes iron or garment steamer.

The first two are absolute must-haves.  It’s hard to imagine a student these days existing without a small refrigerator and a microwave.  Certainly having both will save money over eating out for midnight meals and snacks.  It’s also healthier than frequenting the local vending machines.

You could buy a compact microwave and a compact fridge separately, but you can save some money and ensure they are appropriate for your college by buying a microwave/fridge combo.

Many colleges have strict requirements on back to college appliances including the size and power of microwaves and refrigerators, to help save energy and for safety reasons.

There is one option for many colleges and universities called the MicroFridge with SafePlug.  A MicroFridge features a combination of a 700-watt microwave oven and a 2.9 cu. ft. mini-refrigerator/freezer.  It is available in two models and can be purchased or rented.  To find out more information about a MicroFridge, click Here.




I created a table of the microwave and mini fridge requirements for the top 100+ highest-ranked colleges and universities in the United States.  The information came from my research on the websites of each of the institutions.  It includes the name of the school, a link to the school’s policy on microwaves and refrigerators if available, whether the school allows MicroFridges, and a brief summary of the requirements I was able to glean from the policy and standards documents I found.

I got the names of the schools from the ranking in an article you can find U.S News & World Report plus I added some colleges that are listed on the site as allowing MicroFridges.

See the table now at Back To College Residence Microwave-Refrigerator Policies Table.

About half of the colleges in the table either allow or have an arrangement to rent or buy a MicroFridge for your student’s room.  That’s a pretty good endorsement all by itself, but we wanted to look closer at the features of this microwave/refrigerator combo to see what you actually get for the money.


Read on to see if a MicroFridge might be one of the top back to college appliances for your student.


MicroFridge with Safe Plug


Back To College Appliances 2.9MF-7TPS Open ViewA MicroFridge with Safe Plug is the safe way for your student to store and prepare food all using one compact, integrated appliance.  There are really only two models of MicroFridge that are the most popular with colleges and universities.  The model 2.9MF-7TPS and the model 2.9MF-7TP are the right sizes and power to fit well within the requirements of most institutions.  So if you’re considering a model for a college that allows them, those both would be good choices.  The only difference between them is the door color and interior color.  The 2.9MF-7TPS has a stainless steel door and a pearl black interior and the 2.9MF-7TP has a black door and a white interior.  Since the features are basically the same, here is a look at the features of both.


Back To College Appliances: Features

  • A 2-door refrigerator/freezer and microwave all in one appliance
  • 0.7 cu. ft. 700-watt microwave oven with an integrated dual-outlet charging station to recharge your portable electronic devices
  • SafePlug Technology allows the entire unit to operate with just one plug and is limited to 11 amps draw which is compatible with even older dorm requirements
  • Available in Stainless Steel and Black with a Black Pearl interior or Black and Black with a white interior






  • Fridge capacity is a spacious 2.13 cu. ft. and the freezer holds 0.75 cu. ft. for a total of 2.9 cu. ft.
  • The refrigerator is auto-defrost and the freezer is manual defrost
  • The freezer is a 0-degree type
  • The whole unit measures a compact 44.13H x 18.62W x 20.12D inches and weighs in at 84 lbs.
  • For comparison purposes, this appliance uses 290 kWh per year


If you’re considering buying before your student heads off to college, double-check with the college about your plans.  You can purchase a MicroFridge with FREE shipping at


You can download the MicroFridge Refrigerator Owners Manual or the MicroFridge Microwave Owners Manual.

Looking for a compact microwave to take to college with you?  Please read our article Mini Microwave: Top 5 Back-To-College Microwaves.  Want to send your student off to college with some great recipes for their new microwave?  Be sure and take a look at the book The College Students Microwave Cookbook.





Back to College Appliances




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