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College Fridge and Microwave Requirements    
University/CollegePolicy LinksOther LinksMicroFridge AllowedNotes
Princeton University PolicyCouldn't see appliance list due to requirement for username and password, but it looks like a microwave is forbidden and a mini-fridge might be okay.
Harvard University PolicyXStudents may keep refrigerators in their rooms for personal use if the units meet the following specifications: dimensions not to exceed 36” high x 24” wide x 24” deep; weight not greater than 85 lbs. MicroFridge Models MH-2.7TP, MF-3TP, and MF3.6TP are all permitted in student rooms.
Yale University  Couldn't find a policy
Columbia UniversityCouldn't find a policy
Stanford University PolicyElectrical policy doesn't say anything about microwaves or fridges.
University of Chicago PolicyXRefrigerators 4.0 cu.ft. and smaller are allowed
Duke University PolicyThis what to bring checklist has a compact refrigerator on it, but no guidance on size and nothing about a microwave.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology PolicyFridges okay, no size given. Microwaves not okay except in areas designated as kitchens.
University of Pennsylvania PolicyFridges okay, 4.1 cu. ft. or smaller. Microwave okay, no size given.
California Institute of Technology  Couldn't find a policy
Dartmouth College PolicyRefrigerators 3.0 cu. ft. and smaller are allowed. Microwaves not allowed.
Johns Hopkins University PolicyHowever, all appliances must have an automatic shut off and may not
contain an external heating element. All appliances must be UL approved.
Refrigerators and freezers leased or brought from home may not exceed
4 cubic feet or 1.5 amps. Microwaves must not exceed 1100 watts.
Northwestern University PolicyThe Evanston housing code forbids the use or storage in sleeping rooms of microwaves, hot pots, toaster ovens, or any appliances for cooking or heating food or beverages. In addition, other heat producing appliances, such as irons, may not be used in sleeping rooms, and refrigerators with interiors larger than three cubic feet are prohibited.
Brown University PolicyXFridges 4.0 cu. ft. or smaller and microwaves 1000 watts or less are allowed. Brown University Summer Program also allows MicroFridges.
Washington University in St. Louis PolicyFridges 4.0 cu. ft. or smaller and microwaves (no wattages indicated) allowed.
Cornell University PolicyXMicrowave 700 watts or smaller allowed. No specifications on mini fridge alone but you could use MicroFridges as a guide.
Vanderbilt University XMicrowave ovens less than six years old, having a maximum power of no more than 800 watts and an interior capacity of no more than one cubic foot (???) are permitted. Refrigerators less than six years old that have no more than a four-cubic-foot capacity may be used.
Rice University PolicyXMicrowaves that are not part of the university approved micro fridge units, refrigerators with a combined refrigerator and freezer space over 3.6 Cu. Ft., and cooking / heating appliances of any kind are not permitted in campus housing.
University of Notre Dame PolicyRefrigerators in student rooms must not exceed 5.0 cubic feet in size and must be in good operating condition. Microwaves prohibited.
Emory University PolicyXExcept for MicroFridges, microwaves are only permitted in apartment style residential facilities. No specs given. Refrigerators that meet University standards (less than 3 cubic feet) are permitted. Additionally, only
one (1) refrigerator or Micro-Fridge™ may be used in individual student rooms.
Georgetown University PolicyRefrigerators meeting certain criteria are permitted in all buildings. All refrigerators must be portable, no larger than three cubic feet. Both the unit and the cord must be UL, CSA or CPSC approved. Microwaves do not appear to be allowed.
University of California—​Berkeley PolicyToo slow couldn't see document.
Carnegie Mellon University PolicyXMicroFridge rentals mentioned but no other information found.
University of California—​Los Angeles PolicyOtherXFree-standing microwaves not allowed. Nothing mentioned about fridges.
University of Southern California PolicyXMicrowave ovens are generally not allowed. MicroFridges not to exceed 4.5 cu. ft. are allowed. No mention of standalone fridges.
University of Virginia PolicyXEach room may have one microwave no greater than 1200 watts and one or two small refrigerator(s) not exceeding 5.0 cubic feet total capacity. Alternatively, a microfridge with a power allocator that allows only one appliance to run at a time or an outlet strip with surge protection is permissible. Compliant microfridges and surge suppressors can be purchased from Cavalier Computers at the U.Va. Bookstore.
Wake Forest University PolicyOtherOnly microwaves provided by the university are permitted. Refrigerators that meet University standards (maximum 10 amps/3 cubic feet) are permitted.
Tufts University PolicyXMicroFridge only. No standalone microwaves are allowed. A small dorm-sized refrigerator may be allowed.
University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor PolicyOne refrigerator rental option is a combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave unit. Students may have one refrigerator per room that is up to 5.5-cubic foot capacity and/or uses up to 1.5 amps of electricity. Microwaves should be 800 watts or less.
University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill PolicyOtherXMove-In Marketplace has microfridges for lease. The link is for a move-in guide, but the link didn't work when I tried it.
Boston College PolicyOnly 110-volt and low-wattage (1000 or less) microwaves are permitted in the halls. Couldn't find anything on fridges.
Brandeis University PolicyOtherXMicroFridges are available for rent. Standard size refrigerators (taller than counter height, or more than 35 inches tall) are not permitted unless installed by the University
College of William and Mary PolicyXSmall refrigerator no larger than 4.3 cubic feet and Energy Star rated. Microfrigerators may also be rented for the year. Microwave ovens are okay, but no specs given.
New York University  Couldn't find a policy
University of Rochester PolicyXMicroFridges available for rent. The size limit on any refrigerator is 4.5 cubic feet.
Georgia Institute of Technology PolicyIt appears that fridges and microwaves are allowed, but I couldn't find out any specifics.
Case Western Reserve University PolicySmall refrigerator (4.6 cubic feet or less). Microwaves do not appear to be allowed.
Pennsylvania State University—​University Park PolicyOtherMicrowave allowed for Nittany Apartment residents only. Microwaves are provided in other residence areas. Found nothing on refrigerators.
University of California—​Davis PolicyMaximum allowable refrigerator size is 4.5 cubic feet and 35 inches tall; the maximum allowable microwave size is 800 watts
University of California—​San Diego PolicyOne small refrigerator is allowed in each room. It must be smaller than five cubic feet and have a safe UL-approved electrical system. Microwaves may also be brought. No microwave specs given.
Boston University PolicyXRental MicroFridges are allowed. Standalone icrowaves are not allowed.
Lehigh University  Couldn't find a policy
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute PolicyMicrowave under 1000 watts and refrigerator no larger than 6 cu. ft.
University of California—​Santa Barbara PolicyNo microwaves allowed. Refrigerator not larger than 4.5 cu. ft. allowed.
University of Illinois—​Urbana-​Champaign PolicyXSmall microwave (one per room), 800 watts or less
Small refrigerator (one per room), up to 3 cubic feet (Note: Sherman and Daniels Halls rooms already come with microfridges, a combo microwave, freezer, and small refrigerator.) You can rent a microfridge to save hassle.
Fan (box or window fans are recommended in non-air conditioned residence halls)
University of Wisconsin—​Madison PolicyCompact refrigerator (size varies from 1.5 – 2.4 cubic ft.) already provided in every room. Microwave is allowed but no specs given.
University of Miami PolicyBoth microwaves and fridges allowed, but no specs given.
Yeshiva University PolicySmall refrigerators of five cubic feet or less are permitted only in accordance with official specifications. Microwaves are allowed but no specs given.
Northeastern University  XCouldn't find a policy
University of California—​Irvine PolicyXMini refrigerators or micro-fridges are permitted in individual rooms if they are UL-approved and not larger than 4.3 cubic feet. Standalone microwaves are not permitted in rooms.
University of Florida PolicyOtherMax 2 microwaves .75 cu. ft. or less totaling 1500 watts or less or a single microwave 1500 watts or less
Refrigerators are allowed. Unit amperage must not exceed 3.5 amps. Unit size must not exceed 12 cubic feet.
George Washington University  Couldn't find a policy
Ohio State University—​Columbus PolicyRefrigerator-microwave units are provided in every residence hall room.
Tulane University PolicyXOnly approved MicroFridges are permitted.
University of Texas—​Austin PolicyRefrigerators and microwaves must be provided by school.
University of Washington  Refrigerators 4.4 cubic feet or less. Didn't see any information on microwaves.
Fordham University PolicyIt appears that fridges and microwaves are not allowed except in specific residences.
Pepperdine University PolicyEnergy efficient microwaves (maximum 700 watts) are permitted
on campus. Students in Rockwell Towers and suite-style residence
halls are encouraged to use the University-approved Cool~Wave 30
microwave refrigerator units which can be found on the HRL website. Each resident in suite-style residence halls and Rockwell Towers
may bring or rent one refrigerator, three cubic feet or smaller.
University approved Cool~Wave (microwave/refrigerator) units are
available for rent.
University of Connecticut PolicyXSmall microwave (700 watts or less). Mini-Refrigerator (equipped with a 3 prong grounded plug, no more than 36″ in height – 1 per room). MicroFridges are allowed but not available through the school.
Southern Methodist University PolicyLimit of one 3.1 cubic ft. refrigerator per bedroom. It appears that microwaves are not permitted.
University of Georgia PolicyRefrigerators are permitted that meet these requirements: They operate at 118 volts (plus or minus 5 percent), 60 Hz and do not draw more than 1.5 amps or 180 watts of power. compact microwave ovens (1.0 cubic feet maximum capacity and 700 watt maximum power
Brigham Young University—​Provo PolicyPersonal refrigerators provided by the university only are allowed. It appears that microwaves are not allowed.
Clemson University PolicyXYou may use the combination microwave/refrigerator-freezer (MicroFridge®) available for rent from Student Government.
Syracuse University PolicyPermitted appliances include refrigerators 5.0 cubic feet or less and microwaves 1000 watts or less.
University of Maryland—​College Park PolicyOtherFridge requirements: 3.6 cubic foot maximum, 1.5 amp maximum in high-rise halls where most first-year students will live (0.5 amp maximum in un-renovated South Campus halls), 120 volts, 60 cycle AC, Grounding type, 3-prong electric plug and 3-wire cord, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Seal of Approval. Microwaves are only allowed in rooms of Oakland and Prince Frederick Halls. Only one microwave, not more than 1,000 watts, is permitted per bedroom. A dedicated electrical outlet is located above the built-in counter in each bedroom where the microwave is to be placed.
University of Pittsburgh PolicyXMicrowaves (800 watts or smaller), Refrigerators(4.2 cubic feet or smaller)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute PolicyRefrigerator that is 4.3 cubic feet or less or uses no more than 120 volts (2 amps of electricity) You’re permitted a mini-fridge and microwave in your room. No specs found on microwave.
Purdue University—​West Lafayette PolicyRefrigerators allowed (must be UL approved/maximum size 4.0 cubic feet) and compact microwave ovens allowed (1,000 watts or less) – one per student room.
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—​New Brunswick PolicyXAll rooms have a MicroFridge.
Texas A&M University—​College Station PolicyOtherMicrowave (max 700 watts). Refrigerator (max 4.4 cubic ft)
University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities PolicyXRefrigerator (4.3 cubic feet or less), microwave (700 watts or less). Microfridges and refrigerators may be rented through
Virginia Tech PolicyOtherXMicroFridges allowed.
Michigan State UniversityPolicyXEnergy Star® refrigerator five cubic feet or less. Compact microwave okay, no specs given.
University of Iowa PolicyRefrigerators 5 cu.ft or less drawing 9 amps or less. Microwaves allowed but no specs found.
American University PolicyFridge drawing 7 amps or less. All appliances must not exceed 850 watts at one time. Microwave probably is allowed if it conforms to appliance restriction.
Baylor University PolicyXOnly one refrigerator per room is permitted, it must require no more than 1.5 amps and may not be more than three feet in height. Students may bring their own refrigerators or rent a microfridge through the university's vendor. Microwaves are not allowed in residence hall rooms.
Clark University PolicyXFridges 5.0 cubic feet or less are allowed. Microwaves are not allowed. MicroFridges are allowed and available for rental.
Indiana University—​Bloomington  Rumor of a Residence Hall Rules & Regulations document, but I couldn't find it.
Marquette University PolicyStudents are allowed to bring a refrigerator with a maximum capacity of 4.5 cubic feet and a microwave using a maximum of 800 watts.
Miami University—​OxfordPolicyOtherMicrowave (700 watts or less). If you wish to have a refrigerator in your room, university owned units may be rented at the cost of $90 per academic year. No fridge specs given.
University of Delaware PolicyXMicrowave not exceeding 700 watts. Students living in Dickinson, Rodney, and Harrington Complexes are asked to either purchase or rent a microwave/refrigerator combination unit or not bring a microwave. Fridges not greater than 4.5 cubic feet (using 120 volts or less and no more than 2.4 amps of power).
Stevens Institute of Technology PolicyOnly one microwave (700 watts or less) and one refrigerator (3.2 cubic foot or less) are permitted in each room. 
Stony Brook University—​SUNY PolicyOnly refrigerators of 1.5 amps (maximum) and 3 cubic feet (maximum) will be allowed. It appears that microwave are not allowed in rooms.
Texas Christian University PolicyAppliances: A MicroFridge® (refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven unit) approved by the university is provided in every residence hall room, except in the Campus Apartment communities. No other microwave and refrigerator are permitted in rooms.
University of Vermont PolicyXMicrowaves 700 watts or less. Small Refrigerator (4.0 Cubic Feet, Approx. 34" High or less)
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry PolicyPermitted appliances include refrigerators 5.0 cubic feet or less and microwaves 1000 watts or less.
University of Alabama PolicyOtherMicrowave (Highlands at Hackberry and
Bryce Lawn only. Microwaves are provided in all
other communities.) Couldn't find any fridge policies.
University of California—​Santa Cruz PolicyNo real information on fridges or microwaves. It appears microwaves are allowed in apartments, but no specs are given.
University of Colorado—​Boulder PolicyMicrowaves allowed in some residences, but no specs given. No information on refrigerators provided.
University of Tulsa  Couldn't find a policy
Auburn University PolicyThe residence halls also have a community kitchen in each building and a microwave and fridge are provided in the individual suites in the Village and S. Donahue. Hill and Quad residents may have a small microwave and fridge in their rooms (size and wattage will be included with housing assignment information).
Colorado School of Mines PolicyRefrigerator and microwave allowed, but no specs found.
Florida State University PolicyOtherMicrowave: (700 watts or less). One 4.0 cu.ft. refrigerator is provided in each room.
University of Denver PolicyXMicroFridges are provided in each room.
University of Massachusetts—​Amherst PolicyXOne microwave up to 700 watts and 0.7 cu. ft.,
Microwave/refrigerator with integrated circuit, or a small refrigerator - 3.0 cu.ft. or less - with a ground adapter plug are allowed.
University of San Diego PolicyPersonal (including rented) refrigerators are restricted to 5 cubic feet or smaller. No mention of microwaves.
Binghamton University—​SUNY PolicyRefrigerator (max 5.5 cubic ft), Microwave (no specs given)
Drexel University PolicyMicrowave oven allowed (no specs).
University of Missouri  Couldn't find a policy
University of New Hampshire PolicyXMicrowaves rated with a power output of 800 watts or less are allowed in student rooms. Microwaves can either be a stand alone unit or a part of a microwave-refrigerator combination unit. Refrigerators that less than 35" and that draw no more than 1.5 amps of power are also permitted.
Iowa State University PolicyXMicro-fridge or a small microwave and/or a small refrigerator (no more than 4.6 cubic feet, 115 volt, 60 cycle AC, 230 watts, 2 amps when running)
Loyola University Chicago PolicyRefrigerator with dimensions no larger than 4.2 cubic feet. Microwaves not exceeding 800 watts. The following items are prohibited in apartment-style buildings:  Refrigerators, other than those provided by the University, including mini-fridges Microwaves not exceeding 800 watts.
North Carolina State University—​Raleigh PolicyIt appears that fridges and microwaves are not allowed.
St. Louis University PolicyMicrowave (under 700 watts) Mini fridge (under 3 cubic feet)
University of Kansas Policy4.5 cubic foot refrigerator and microwave not more than 1,000 watts
University of Nebraska—​Lincoln PolicyOtherXA refrigerator or on East Campus, a MicroFridge are provided. Microwaves rated 750 watts or belowed are allowed.
University of Oklahoma PolicyRefrigerators and microwaves area allowed (no specs given).
University of Tennessee PolicyXStudents are not permitted to bring their own refrigerator because the microfridge appliance is already in the room. Residents in the apartment-style halls may bring a microwave and it should not exceed 600 watts.
Wheaton CollegePolicyXStudent-owned refrigerators are permitted only on a space available basis, must not exceed 4 cubic feet in size. Microwave ovens are not permitted in student rooms.
Dean CollegePolicyXAn Energy Star labeled mini fridge (3.6 cubic maximum), Microwave Oven (approximately 700-900 watts). MicroFridges are available for rent or purchase.
Endicott CollegePolicyXMicroFridges must be supplied by the college. Stand alone microwaves are not allowed. No mention of refrigerators, but probably the same as microwaves.
Franklin Pierce UniversityPolicyXRent a Microfridge or 3 cubic ft fridge (Standalone microwaves are NOT allowed)
Johnnson & Wales UniversityPolicyXMicroFridges are provided in each room.
Quinnipiac UniversityPolicyXA small refrigerator and microwave area allowed. (No specs)
Rhode Island School of DesignPolicyXRefrigerators 3.0 cu. ft. and smaller are allowed. Microwaves allowed (no specs) MicroFridges are available for rent.
Roger Williams UniversityPolicyXStandalone refrigerators not mentioned. Standalone microwaves are not allowed. MicroFridges can be purchased or rented.
Salem State UniversityPolicyXMicrowaves are allowed on campus if the microwave is under 700 watts/10 amps. Individual refrigerators must have a capacity of less than four cubic feet. MicroFridges are available for rent.
Simmons CollegePolicyXA microfridge is the only microwaves allowed in student rooms. MicroFridges are available for purchase or rental.
Disclaimer: As you might expect, college requirements change, links change, and documents change. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the information provided. Information in this table is provided as-is without any warranty either expressed or implied. Colleges were chosen based loosely on the Top 100 colleges as provided by U.S. News and World Report plus some were added because they support MicroFridge usage. We will not be held responsible for any omissions.
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