You are looking for a convection toaster oven, but which one is the best convection oven?  In order to decide which convection oven is best for you, you need a little more information about what to look for.

What are some of the advantages of a convection oven?  Two come to mind right off the bat.  First, a convection oven is smaller and so it takes less energy to preheat it and maintain the temperatures for your recipes.  Second, it uses circulating hot air to cook food up to 30% faster with the same tasty results.

In order to choose the best convection oven, there are some features and characteristics that you need to consider.

PowerBest Convection Oven Breville BOV845BSS Front Open View

If you want to get the baking results in your toaster oven you expect from your regular oven, you need to have the watts.  The more power it has, the higher temperatures your oven can generate to handle meals that require it.  You can expect most convection toaster ovens to have 1500 watts of power or more, but only a few, like Breville models, have as much as 1800 watts of power.

Smart Cooking

Switching from using a regular oven to a convection oven might be a daunting task.  That’s because a convection countertop oven is smaller and uses circulating hot air to do much of the cooking.  Thankfully, some advanced models have pre-programmed preset cooking functions to help you get great results right away.


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Breville has taken this idea one step further by incorporating independently adjustable heating elements into their design (Element IQ) that work with the preset cooking functions to produce great results every time.  Using short bursts of power to individual elements, the internal heat is maintained at the perfect level to cook your favorite foods fast with the best possible results.

Preset cooking function can even be modified to your specific cooking requirements and the Element IQ will adjust to accommodate your new settings.

Best Convection Oven Breville BOV845BSS Front Tray ViewSize

Everyone has their own size requirements and you will have to decide what size is best for you, but if it makes sense, you should go with the largest model that fits conveniently on your countertop.  The reason is that you may have a specific size in mind now, but after you’ve used your new countertop convection oven, we’re guessing you will want to use it a lot and probably for more than you originally intended.

If you’re planning to use a Dutch oven with the lid in your convection oven, then make sure that it will fit before you buy.

Keep Warm

A Keep Warm function is nearly a must have option on a convection oven.  Family and friends always seem to show up late for meals and in the process you end up scrambling to make sure the food is hot when you finally sit down to eat.  The Keep Warm function will reduce the heat to guard against over-cooking while keeping food warm until your guests arrive.

AccessoriesBest Convection Oven Breville BOV845BSS Digital Display View

There are some nice to have accessories you should look for when purchasing a convection oven.  The reason is because if they don’t come with the oven and they aren’t available as options, you may find it difficult to buy something that will work for you later on.

First is the enamel baking pan.  When designed specifically for your toaster oven, it provides the best temperature circulation and more even baking.   Next is an enamel broiling rack.  When used in conjunction with the baking pan, it allows you to broil like a pro while allowing the dripping to fall into the baking pan.  Finally, convection ovens are great for pizzas.  The circulating hot air allows you to get a crispy crust while also cooking the toppings perfectly.  To do that you need a pizza pan.  Look for a pizza pan to be included with the model you’re considering.


We chose to take a look at this Breville Convection oven because it is very popular, is one of the highest-rated, and has so many of the feature that we all look for.

Take a look at this popular Breville model and see if it is the best convection oven for your needs!

Best Convection Oven: Most Popular Best Rated Convection Oven

Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven

Best Convection Oven Breville BOV845BSS Front Canted ViewThe Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven is one of the most popular and highly-rated models available and it’s easy to see why.  With 1800 watts of power, its 5 independently-controlled quartz heating elements, and 10 preset cooking functions, you can get great results right from the start.  It’s a beautiful oven wrapped in stainless steel that will complement any décor.  Convenient, powerful, fast, and smart, with this Breville in your kitchen, you may find yourself using your regular energy-gobbling standard oven less and less.  Here’s what you need to know.

Best Convection Oven Features

  • Beautiful stainless steel design will look good in any kitchen
  • 1800 watts of cooking power
  • Large 0.8 cu. ft. interior supports toasting up to 6 slices simultaneously and can handle a 3.5 quart Dutch oven vessel with lid
  • Element IQ system independently controls 5 quartz heating elements in concert with 10 preset cooking functions to provide the best results with minimum effort
  • Its Slow Cook function can be set at HI for 2-8 hours or LO for 4-10 hours and will automatically switch to Keep Warm for up to 2 hours
  • Timer with auto shut-off and alert
  • Temperature conversion and frozen food functions
  • Stylish color changing LCD digital display
  • Handy magnetic auto-eject rack, makes removing food much easier
  • Interior oven light with replaceable 25W G9 halogen bulb
  • Exterior dimensions are 18.5W x 15.75D x 11H inches


  • 1 – 12 x 12 enamel baking pan
  • 1 – 12 x 12 enamel broiling rack
  • 1 – 13-inch non-stick pizza pan




Best Convection Oven Comparison


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