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Best Microwave 1000 Dollar NoteBest microwave?  Okay, this is just for fun.  I wanted to share with you something I like to do that is definitely in the dreaming category! I go shopping with a dream $1000 and buy whatever I want.  In this case, I’m thinking about Microwave Ovens of course.  What microwave oven would you buy if you were given $1000?

The Back Story

Imagine this.  What if you were walking by an appliance store and the owner, all ofBest Microwave Group Of Countertop Microwaves a sudden, came running out from the store.  He sees you and rushes over to you and says, “it’s your lucky day, I’m going to give you anything in my shop worth up to $1000!”

Time Is Money

Best Microwave One Hour Digital ReadoutYou’ve only got one hour to choose what you want, it has to be a microwave oven or some other microwave oven accessory that you would normally find in an appliance store…what would you get?  Which would be the best microwave oven(s) or accessory/accessories for you?  You can get as many products as you like as long as they total $1000 or less and have something to do with Microwave Ovens.  Would you buy the best microwave they had?  Would you buy several good ones and give some to your friends and relatives?  Would you buy a built-in instead of a countertop oven?

Lets use the prices at Amazon Kitchen and Dining (they have the largest selection)Best Microwave Amazon Logo but don’t get too caught up in the details – really I’m asking what microwaves or microwave accessories you’re currently considering!

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Thank you for dreaming and please leave me a comment below with your choices of best microwave oven and microwave oven accessories!

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