Bona Vita is a German-engineered brand of coffee maker known for its Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certification and its accurate temperature control, essential for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.  You can count on this new generation of Bona Vita coffee makers to brew your coffee quickly, with the right grounds contact time and coffee grounds saturation to insure the best flavor profile.

What makes Bona Vita coffee makers so coveted?  They have the highest available thermal block power of any home brewing system.  This generates high temperatures quickly which accounts for their fast time to the proper SCAA-recommended brewing water temperature.  Also, instead of a single, narrow drip area, Bona Vita brewers feature a shower head design that insures ideal coffee grounds saturation and extraction.  Finally, the engineering and design of Bona Vita coffee makers is second to none.

Bona Vita 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass CaraffeProbably George Howell, Founder of The Coffee Connection and Terroir Coffee, and SCAA Lifetime Achievement award winner said it best:

“Coffee quality has been improving by leaps and bounds in the past decade. A new generation of coffee roasters from coast to coast is coming of age; they are incentivizing farmers and putting them front and center, not hiding them in homogenized blends. I am thrilled to be one of them! We are creating new standards for freshness all the way from the farm to the home. And we are demanding better brewing to prove how great our coffees are–in cafes and in homes. The Bonavita answers that call for home brewing.

At last! A simple, reasonably priced, smartly compact drip coffee brewer which belies its power and accuracy. The water temperature is hot enough to extract all the nuances found in fine coffees. The showerhead provides enough turbulence and coverage so the coffee grounds are saturated. The Bonavita comes with glass carafe or a stainless, very conveniently designed thermos. Time for simplicity with pinpoint sureness. Enjoy!”




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Great coffee is made from the simplest of ingredients; fresh coffee and pure filtered water.  That’s why Bonavita keeps its coffee makers simple and effective.

Bona Vita 8-Cup Coffee Maker Glass Caraffe ViewCrucial to great coffee brewing is reaching and maintaining the optimal water temperature throughout the brewing process.  Bonavita coffee makers are designed with a powerful and precise 1455-watt heater that brings the water quickly to the optimum SCAA-recommend water temperature of 205 degrees F.

Most home coffee makers use a narrow drip area that doesn’t evenly distribute hot water over all the coffee grounds resulting in poor coffee grounds saturation and uneven extraction.  Bonavita coffee makers use a shower head design that evenly distributes hot water over the entire grounds basket insuring complete coffee grounds saturation and uniform extraction.  That translates directly to a better cup of coffee.


Bona Vita: Top Rated SCAA-Certified Bonavita Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

Bona Vita 8-Cup Coffee Maker Glass Caraffe Main ViewCould the German-engineered Bonavita BV1800 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe be the perfect carafe coffee maker?  It certainly has the credentials to stake a claim.  One of the few coffee makers to be certified for quality and performance by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), it has the power, design, and features to make it one of the most popular choices of home coffee brewer aficionados everywhere.

The design is simple, to the point, with no wasted space to provide consistently excellent results every time.  It has one function and one function only.  It brews up to 8 cups of your favorite coffee using the essential elements of a great brewer.  That includes reaching and maintaining the ideal brewing temperature and providing the best possible coffee grounds saturation and extraction.

Quickly reaching the right temperature takes power and this model has plenty of it with a 1455-watt heater.  It generates the heat needed to bring the water up fast to the ideal brewing temperature of 205 degrees F and then precisely maintains it throughout the brewing process.


Essential to perfect coffee grounds saturation and uniform extraction is the design of the drip technology.  This model uses a shower head design that insures complete saturation of the coffee grounds and uniform extraction.

Bona Vita 8-Cup Coffee Maker Glass Caraffe Features ViewWith just one touch of a button you can brew a perfect cup of your favorite coffee in just minutes.

Here’s what you need to know.

Bona Vita Features

  • Simple, effective, one-touch 8-cup home coffee maker with glass carafe brews coffee fast in just 5-6 minutes
  • Powerful and precise 1455-watt heater quickly reaches and maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195-205 degrees F
  • One of the few coffee makers to be certified for quality and performance by the SCAA for equipment capable of brewing coffee to the exacting standards set by the SCAA
  • Showerhead designed for complete saturation and optimal extraction
  • Separate 55W warming heater plate keeps coffee hot with 90-minute auto shut-off
  • Easy-fill water tank has a wide opening and clear water fill markings
  • Carafe, filter basket, and lid are all dishwasher safe and all plastic is BPA-free
  • Dimensions are 10.50L x 6.5W x 12.00H inches
  • 2-Year limited warranty






Bona Vita Comparison



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