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Space Saver Microwave:  Best New Powerful Compact Microwave Design

No real estate could be more valuable than your kitchen countertop space.  You have to guard it carefully to prevent appliances like a microwave from taking space away from food preparation and other essential kitchen tasks.  A space saver microwave is
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Small Microwave Oven: Top 7 Most Popular Compact Microwave Ovens

A small microwave oven has advantages over a larger microwave oven, particularly if you’re planning to place it on your countertop.  Kitchen countertop real estate is valuable and a small microwave oven can save space that you can use for other
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Compact Microwave Ovens: Best Small Inverter Microwave Oven

It’s natural to assume that you have to sacrifice performance and features when buying one of the compact microwave ovens.  For the most part it is true.  Manufacturers seem to put most of their features into their larger microwave ovens while
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Small Microwaves: Top 5 Best Rated Compact Countertop Microwaves

They’re designed for apartments, dorms, cubicles, and any kitchen where countertop space is at a premium.  They are the small microwaves.  Small microwaves have less power, less capacity, and many times less features, but what they lack in stature, they make
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White Microwave: Top 5 White Microwave Ovens 2017

Either you love white or you’re just trying to match your kitchen appliances. Whichever it is, you need a white microwave oven. Stainless steel microwaves appear to still be the current leader in color choice for many home small appliances, but a
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Family Gifts: Top 15 Best Family Holiday Gifts 2017

We all have friends with families that we need to buy family gifts for this holiday season. The idea behind family gifts is that they are gifts that can be used together by the whole family. When we think of family gifts,
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Microwave Ovens Countertop: Best Extra-Large Ovens 2015

Compact microwaves take up less space, but they have the downside of not being able to handle larger plates and larger foods that you sometimes need to make a complete meal.  That’s where extra-large microwave ovens countertop style are really nice.
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Great Gift Buy: Top 5 Microwave Oven Christmas Gifts 2015

Microwave ovens are a fixture in any modern kitchen and they have improved over the years to the point you can cook more foods successfully than ever before.  If you or your family is tired of ruining your food with that
Panasonic NN-SD372S Featured Image

Small Microwave Ovens:  Top Compact Microwave Oven 2015

Small microwave ovens come in handy when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.  This might include an apartment countertop, a dorm room, a cubicle at the office, or anywhere space is at a premium. The thing is
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Microwaves on Sale: Save Big Money On Your Next Microwave!

You don’t want to pay full price on your next countertop microwave oven; nobody does.  You’re looking for microwaves on sale just like most people. The thing is you don’t want to have to spend all your time searching every major