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Small Microwave Oven: Top 7 Most Popular Compact Microwave Ovens

A small microwave oven has advantages over a larger microwave oven, particularly if you’re planning to place it on your countertop.  Kitchen countertop real estate is valuable and a small microwave oven can save space that you can use for other
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Red Microwave Ovens: 3 Stylish Red Countertop Microwaves 2015

What’s the most common color for microwaves these days?  As you might expect, stainless steel microwaves are the most popular and most common with white microwaves and black microwaves not far behind.  But, you’re not looking for necessarily popular or common
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Counter Top Microwave: Hottest Retro Counter Top Microwave 2015

Nostalgia Electrics holds a prominent place in the production of day to day electrical appliances. Out of their lineup of electrical appliances, their retro-style counter top microwave ovens have gained much attention. The retro series includes some very functional and nice