Maybe you’re replacing an existing wall oven or you’re building a new home and you want the convenience of a microwave and anElectrolux Microwave Wall Oven Combo EW27MC65JS Front View oven without taking up all of your counter space.  Look no further than the amazing Electrolux microwave and oven combination.

Imagine being able to have both your microwave and oven conveniently located one above the other built-in to your kitchen.  No more valuable counter space used up by a large microwave.

The look can’t be beat.  More than any other fixture in your kitchen besides the range, a double-oven or microwave and oven combo really make the room and give it that “designed for you” look.

Nobody does design like Electrolux.  They took a microwave oven and wall oven, added state-of-the-art electronics and a computer brain, and wrapped the whole thing in beautiful stainless steel sure to complement any kitchen décor.

Take a look at our review and see if this is the perfect combo for you!

27” Electrolux Microwave and Wall Oven Combination EW27MC65JS

Electrolux EW27MC65JS Microwave Wall Oven Combo Direct ViewThere are lots of choices when it comes to wall oven and microwave combos.  You want it to look good, but you also want some of the newest features available.  After all, this combination will be with you for several years and you don’t want it to be dated before you install it.

That’s what great about the Electrolux 27” EW27MC65JS Wall Oven and Microwave Combination.  It’s got all the greatest new features on both the wall oven and microwave and it will simply look gorgeous in your kitchen.  Take a look at all the premium features Electrolux has put into this stainless steel beauty.

Wall Oven Features

  • With 12 Automatic Cooking Options, 3 auto-reheat options, and 6 auto-defrost options, you have all the flexibility you need to make every meal the perfect meal
  • Wave-Touch Controls allow you to simply touch the elegant control panel to reveal all of your cooking options.  Make your selection and unneeded options fade away leaving only the options that apply to your selection.
  • The PerfectConvect convection technology feature provides a 3rd heating element to consistently allow up to 30% faster cooking across all 3 racks
  • A Perfect Turkey Button reduces holiday stress by ensuring your turkey comes out moist and delicious
  • Luxury Glide Oven Racks use a large ball-bearing system to support the racks as they effortlessly glide out and in
  • With a large 3.5 cu.ft. of conventional oven and 1.5 cu. ft. of microwave oven space, you have all the space you will need to cook any meal
  • Luxury-Design Lighting ramps up to clearly illuminate the oven interior in a beautiful glow
  • The available cooking modes include Bake, Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Keep-Warm while slow cook options include Perfect Turkey®, Defrost, Dehydrate, Bread Proof, My Favorites, Multi-Stage Cooking, Temperature Probe, Rapid Preheat, Delay Bake, and Convection Convert
  • Customize the “My Favorite” Settings to make all of your most used options readily available when you need them
  • 3 – Adjustable racks

Microwave Features

  • This microwave comes with 6 auto-cook, 6 auto-defrost, 4 auto-melt, 3 auto reheat, and 6 snack menu options.Electrolux EW27MC65JS Microwave Wall Oven Combo Open View
  • Auto-cook options include pizza, beverage, melt/soften, snacks, auto-reheat, and auto-defrost
  • Auto-defrost options include ground meat, steaks/chops/fish, chicken pieces, roast, casserole, and soup
  • Auto-melt/soften options include ice cream, cream cheese, butter, and chocolate
  • Auto-reheat options include fresh rolls/muffins, frozen rolls/muffins, and pasta
  • Snack menu options include microwave pizza, handheld snacks 3-4 oz., handheld snacks 5-6 oz., chicken nuggets, frozen kids meals, and hot dogs

The Platinum Star Limited Warranty includes 3-year coverage on parts and one year no-charge labor.


  • Convenience of microwave and wall oven in one
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Loads of features


  • Microwave lower power than expected

Electrolux EW27MC65JS Microwave-Oven Combo Review

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