Magic Chef formerly a Maytag brand is now manufactured by MC Appliance, a veteran microwave oven manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality microwaves at value prices.  The cornerstone to MC Appliance’s family of brands is exceptional value and attention-to-detail combined with superb quality.  MC Appliance is the maker of several trusted brands in addition to Magic Chef including Sunbeam and Oster.  Many times if a product is a best seller it is also a good product.  Buyers have already done all the research and determined that the product is a good choice.  You can take advantage of their knowledge by reading this article about the best selling Magic Chef microwave oven, the Magic Chef MCD1611W, to see if it’s the perfect microwave oven for you.

MCD1611W 1.6cf 1100W Magic Chef Microwave Oven

Magic Chef Microwave MCD1611W Front ViewThe Magic Chef MCD1611W microwave oven features 1100 watts of power, preprogrammed cooking menus, auto-defrost, and 10 power levels.  With all these features you would expect to have to pay more, but the MCD1611W is very affordable.  Take a look at all of its main features.

Magic Chef Microwave Style

The Magic Chef 1611 Series comes in White(MCD1611W), Black(MCD1611B), and Stainless Steel(MCD1611ST) so that you can purchase the color that best complements your kitchen or other room décor.


  • Magic Chef microwave ovens differ from other brands due to their use of the exclusive Concave Reflex System (CRS).  This technology ensures that your food is cooked evenly by exposing all sides of your food to microwave energy based on its weight and density.
  • This Magic Chef microwave is a powerful performer with 1100W of power to cook your foods faster and 1.6 cubic feet of space to handle most of your microwaveable dishes.
  • Complete with 10 power levels, the MCD1611W give you the flexibility to find the perfect setting for any of your microwave cooking.
  • The MCD1611W has 6 preprogrammed 1-Touch cooking menus for no hassle cooking of popcorn, beverage, soup, baked potato, dinner plate, and fresh/frozen vegetables.
  • With 3 Auto-Defrost settings for meat, poultry, and fish, you are sure to find a setting that works best for your defrosting needs.


  • The digital-touch keypad is easy to program and easy to use.
  • A built-in handy kitchen timer is a useful addition to any kitchen.


  • All Magic Chef Microwave ovens come with a child-safety lock to preclude the inadvertent use by your little ones.


  • The overall dimensions of the MCD1611W are 26.7H x 20.3W x 16.5D inches.


  • Magic Chef provides a 1-Year manufacturer warranty on the MCD1611W.

Magic Chef Microwave Pros

  • Like one-touch cooking buttons
  • Much faster than 900W
  • Large interior
  • Easy to use


  • Sounds loud
  • Flimsy door

Magic Chef Microwave MCD1611W Review

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Magic Chef Microwave Comparison Chart

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