A Samsung microwave oven offers you some of the best value in over-the-range (OTR) microwave ovens.   You can find more expensive models, but feature for feature and comparing prices, you will most likely come back to a Samsung microwave.   When it comes to a Samsung microwave or any OTR microwave for that matter, it’s important to know some of the key features you need to consider when purchasing.



Samsung Microwave Key Features:


Samsung Microwave Capacity Open OvenOver-the-Range microwaves come in a variety of sizes usually above 1.5 cu. ft. OTR microwaves are different from countertop versions in that if you don’t like a countertop version you can easily replace it. They are installed and that means that you don’t want to install a new OTR microwave and then later find out that you wish it was larger. I would shoot for the largest oven you can afford and that fits your space. Take into account future situations and if possible choose a 1.8 cu. ft. unit or larger.


Samsung Microwave Power buttonPower equals speed and cooking flexibility when it comes to microwave ovens. Choose the largest power you can afford in order to have the flexibility to cook larger items and multiple items faster. Larger microwaves should have at least 1000 watts of power.

Vent Fan

OTR microwaves sit over your range instead of on the counter so they have special features taking that into account. One is the vent fan. Our vent fan in my home is very loud. It is so loud that it interferes with watching TV in the next room when it’s running on high. If you have a choice, choose a model that specifies a quieter fan. You may not be able to test it before you buy but, if at least the manufacturer claims a quieter fan as a feature and you check the reviews and other folks agree, then it probably is quieter than some competitors.

Vent Filter

An OTR microwave takes the place of the vent fan you already have in place. Some microwaves actually have activated charcoal filters which remove odors from the kitchen while removing steam and smoke. Look for an activated charcoal filter if possible.


Cooktop Lighting

Samsung Microwave Lighting ExampleAn OTR microwave also takes the place of any over-the-range lights you have in place now. Make sure you get a microwave that provides adequate lighting for your range.

One-Touch Sensor Cook Options

Most microwaves allow you to manually adjust cooking based on weight and size. The newest microwaves use advanced sensors to eliminate the need for specifying anything about the food prior to cooking. They collect enough information about your food to actually automatically set the cooking profile to one that will properly cook your food. This is a very handy feature and can take a lot of the guesswork out of microwave cooking.


An OTR microwave oven automatically becomes a focal point in your kitchen much more than a countertop version. Make sure thatSamsung Microwave SMH-1816S Front the microwave complements your décor, colors, and the look you’re going for. Stainless steel has been popular in kitchens for many years and it looks like it’s going to be staying around for quite awhile. The reason is because it is very neutral and complements almost any color kitchen. If you already have stainless steel appliances, this is a no-brainer but, you might also consider it in any case as a complement to your range.


Look for the longest warranty you can find. Usually warranties are split between materials and worksmanship (parts and labor) and the magnetron that is the heart of the microwave oven. Look for a warranty that is equal to or longer than one year parts and labor and 5 years on the magnetron.

Now that you know what to look for, you can take a look at a Samsung Microwave that we consider to be one of the best values in over-the-range microwave ovens. It has plenty of features, it’s very popular, and it’s price is very reasonable. We’re talking about the Samsung SMH1816S 1100W 1.8 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range microwave oven. Just take a look at all of its great features!

Samsung Microwave: Model SMH1816S 1100W 1.8 Cu. Ft. OTR Microwave Oven

Samsung Microwave SMH1816S Large FrontSamsung has several great performing OTR microwave ovens but they can be pricey. For the Samsung Model SMH1816S, they have packed a lot of features and capability in one of their lowest price models.


  • A powerful 1100 watts gives you the flexibility to cook large foods faster and multiple foods simultaneously.
  • 10 power levels provide positive control over cooking power to insure proper and even cooking for a varietSamsung Microwave SMH1816S Kitchen Viewy of foods.


  • The design of this oven takes advantage of newer magnetron technology to provide a larger oven capacity for a 1.6 cu. ft. oven of 20 13/16 x 10 13/16 x 14 9/6 inches. That means you can cook even larger foods or multiple foods that you might not otherwise be able to in a regular 1.6 cu. ft. oven.


  • One-button time and power selection allow you to easily program your desired cooking time and power level at just the touch of a button.
  • New Energy Sensor cooking allows you to just specify the food and the microwave oven takes care of the rest. This oven has auto cook modes for Kids Meal, Snack Bar, and Soften Melt.
  • This oven also features Auto Defrost/Sensor Reheat for complete control over reheating frozen foods and Custom Cooking modes for the ultimate in cooking flexibility.
  • A large (14 3/16 inch), removable, and easy-to-clean turntable insures foods are evenly cooked and makes cleanup simple.

Samsung Microwave Lighting ExampleOver-The-Range Features

  • An activated charcoal grease/vent filter removes most odors and steam while the vent fan effectively removes smoke and steam from the cooktop area.
  • The 3-speed vent fan is one of the quietest on the market yet has the power and volume (400 CFM flow) to take care of even the steamiest and smokiest foods on your cooktop. Finally you can carry on a normal conversation with your guests while still efficiently removing steam and cooking odors from your kitchen! Don’t sacrifice power for quiet operation; get a Samsung!
  • Adjustable 3-position cooktop lighting provides plenty of light for range-top cooking while adding ambience to your kitchen.

Samsung Microwave Pros

  • Tri-level dimming range light is great for lighting up the stovetop when cooking or acting as a nightlightSamsung Microwave SMH1816S Open Door
  • Triple Distribution System seems to work quite well and really does help heat food more evenly compared to other microwaves we’ve had
  • Range exhaust with charcoal filter has five speeds and moves and filters a ton of air when needed
  • It cooks/heats quickly and efficiently


  • Many complaints on older versions of the model that it gets a “short error” on keypad after only a couple of years of use

Samsung Microwave SMH1816S Review

Samsung Microwave Oven OTR Unbox and Installation Video


Samsung Microwave OTR Comparison Chart

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I hope this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you make a better buying decision. I think you can see that a Samsung Microwave like the Samsung SMH1816S OTR Microwave Oven may be the best value in microwaves for you.

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