Small microwave ovens come in handy when you don’t have a lot of space to work with.  This might include an apartmentPanasonic NN-SD372S Small Microwave Ovens Full View countertop, a dorm room, a cubicle at the office, or anywhere space is at a premium.

The thing is just because you need a small microwave doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice quality or capability.  That means you want all the great features like an inverter, glass turntable, lots of automatic settings, a real working defrost setting, and more.

If possible, it would also be great if your new compact microwave oven came from a manufacturer whose name you trust.  We know you also don’t want to pay a lot of money for the perfect microwave oven.

Well we have good news for you.  Manufacturers have heard your cry and have begun to produce high-quality, feature-laden small microwave ovens that have a small footprint, but are big on features and won’t break the bank.

Panasonic NN-SD372S Overview Video


You may have noticed we included an inverter in the mix of features and let us tell you why.  Unless you only want to use yourPanasonic NN-SD372S Small Microwave Ovens Open View microwave for popcorn and frozen meals, we highly recommend inverter countertop microwaves.

Rather than just simulating variable power settings like most traditional small microwaves, an inverter actually produces more or less power depending on what you need for the specific food you’re cooking.

That means that for the first time you can even microwave more delicate foods like fresh vegetables without overcooking the edges and generally ruining the taste and texture of your food.  Isn’t it about time you were able to cook more interesting foods in the microwave that have the flavor and texture of more traditional cooking methods only with the speed you’ve come to expect from a microwave?

How big is a small microwave?  Commonly, a microwave oven is considered to be small or compact if its size is less than 1.0 cu.ft.  If you’re looking for a larger microwave then please be sure and check out our articles Counter Top Microwaves: Buy This Best Microwave Brand! and Cheap Microwave: Best 1.2 cu. ft. Microwave Oven Under $150.

So who makes the best small microwave ovens?  The answer is Panasonic.  They have several great inverter microwaves, but their compact version is exactly what we’re looking for in a small microwave oven.  There compact microwave is the Panasonic NN-SD372S and it is only 0.8 cu.ft. in size and yet has 950 watts of power.  Take a look and see if this is the perfect compact microwave oven for you!

Panasonic NN-SD372S 0.8 Cubic Feet 950-Watt Inverter Small Microwave Ovens

Panasonic NN-SD372S Small Microwave Ovens Front ViewFor the first time you can enjoy the benefits of inverter microwave cooking in a compact microwave oven. From One-Touch Auto Cook & Reheat to Inverter Turbo Defrost, you can cook more types of food in your new microwave oven than ever before and get quality results just like conventional cooking techniques.  Now you can use your Panasonic microwave oven to cook just about any food rather than it limiting you to popcorn, water, and snacks.  Cook even delicate foods like fresh vegetables and eggs without browning the edges and overcooking the surface.  You can’t beat the easy-to-clean interior, 10 power levels, and three cooking stages of this microwave.  Check out its many great features.

Small Microwave Ovens Features

  • This sleek stainless-steel front inverter microwave will complement any room you place it in
  • Powerful 950 watts, 10 power settings, and 0.8 cu.ft.
  • Inverter Technology takes your microwave oven to a new level far past popcorn, TV dinners, and yesterday’s soup.  Get delicious, flavorful foods that have the right texture using an inverter microwave.  Cook breakfast foods to after-school snacks to dinnertime meals and appetizers.
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost quickly defrosts food without cooking it
  • One-Touch Auto Cook & Reheat allows you to cook your food on autopilot without a lot of thought on your part.  This feature automatically adjusts power levels and calculates cooking times for several popular foods.
  • You will appreciate the pulsing power delivery of the Keep Warm feature that allows you to keep food warm at a constant temperature without overcooking while you wait for family to arrive.
  • Its compact size takes up less real estate on countertops.
  • The secret to its compact size is the single, compact power supply which is lighter and smaller than conventional microwaves and provides more interior room for food.
  • Large 11-1/4-inch glass turntable accepts large dinner plates without a problem
  • This model even has Delay Start and Timer, More/Less Control, Quick Minute (set times in 1 minute increments), and a Popcorn Key for easy use
  • The unique pop-out programmable dial allows you to easily and quickly setup your microwave for any meal without buttons
  • The child-safety lock prevents accidental operation of the microwave by small hands
  • This small microwave oven measures a compact 19-3/16L x 14-13/16W x 11H inches and weighs in at a lightweight 21 lbs.

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  • Better control over cooking temperatures using inverter
  • Great for locations with limited space
  • Does a great job cooking in much less time than a regular oven
  • Easy to use


  • Power controls not intuitive
  • Odd internal LED lighting
  • Complicated to use
  • Fan runs for several seconds after cooking stops


Panasonic NN-SD372S Small Microwave Ovens Review


Compact Microwave Comparison Chart

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