No real estate could be more valuable than your kitchen countertop space.  You have to guard it carefully to prevent appliances like a microwave from taking space away from food preparation and other essential kitchen tasks.  A space saver microwave is designed to give back some of your counter space without losing all of the interior microwave space.

Space Saver Microwave Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop Built-In Casserole ViewA new space saver microwave design has been introduced by Panasonic that gives you plenty of power and has a large microwave interior all while maintaining a smaller footprint that takes up less space on your countertop.  This model of space saver microwave can even be built-in for the ultimate in space saving.

Of course, with a Panasonic space saver microwave you also get the advantage of inverter power.  Most microwaves have multiple power settings, but those power settings only shut off the microwave to simulate adjustable power.  While they’re cooking, it’s always at maximum power and in between they’re providing no power.  That means inconsistent cooking that makes it difficult to cook delicate foods without ruining them.


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A Panasonic space saver microwave on the other hand has inverter technology that produces true variable power so you can cook a larger variety of foods even more delicate foods you’ve never considered microwaving.




Inverter Technology delivers microwave energy in a way that allows delicate foods to simmer without overcooking. In addition, foods retain more color, texture and nutrients for fast, easy and delicious results.

Take a look at this new spacemaker microwave design from Panasonic and see if it’s the best microwave oven for your needs!

Space Saver Microwave:  Best New Powerful Compact Microwave Design

Panasonic NN-SN686S 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-In Microwave

Space Saver Microwave Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop Built-In Main ViewPanasonic long ago perfected the art of microwave cooking by integrating its innovative, patented inverter technology into their microwave ovens.  Now they’ve taken innovation another step further with their Panasonic NN-SN686S 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-In Microwave that features countertop or built in microwave oven flexibility, maximum interior space in a minimum footprint, and a sleek new stainless steel design that finally brings the microwave oven into the 21st Century.  Inverter cooking with its consistent, true variable power, gives food the look and taste of conventional oven cooking at microwave speeds.  Its smarter, more compact inverter design uses less space for electronics leaving more interior capacity in a smaller footprint.  It is also lighter and more energy efficient than previous models.  Here’s what you need to know about this space saver countertop Panasonic microwave oven.





Space Saver Microwave Features

  • Powerful 1200W, 1.2 cu. ft. stainless steel inverter microwave oven
  • Inverter technology provides true, consistent variable power that delivers delicious flavor, excellent color, and the best shape and texture even from more delicate foods without overcooking the edges and surfaces
  • Space Saver Microwave Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop Built-In Controls View21st Century design features a sleek, stainless-steel door and base and stainless silver body with a modern, embossed-look membrane keypad touch-button control panel and four-digit display that are sure to complement any kitchen décor
  • 14 preset menu options provide stress-free automatic cooking for everyday meals and snacks including Oatmeal, Breakfast Sausage, Omelet, Quinoa, Soup, Frozen Entrees, Frozen Pizza, Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Vegetables, Rice, Frozen Dinners, Pasta, and Fish Fillets, while manual controls give you the flexibility you need for more complicated recipes
  • Smarter, more compact, and lighter inverter power design provides more space inside while using less space on your countertop, providing better efficiency, and reducing weight
  • One-Touch Sensor Cook and Reheat automatically sets power levels and adjusts cooking, defrosting, and reheating times based on the steam naturally produced by your food for optimum, guesswork-free cooking
  • Turbo Defrost also uses microwave sequencing to thaw foods more evenly and quickly
  • Quick 30-second touch control allows you to quickly reheat foods and beverages and add extra prep time in half-minute increments
  • Three-stage cooking and 10 power levels gives you the flexibility to tailor power to your meals and cooking more complex recipes
  • Large 13.4-inch glass turntable accommodates larger dishes like a 13-inch casserole dish, provides even microwave energy throughout the cooking process, and is easy to clean
  • Space Saver Microwave Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop Built-In Wall ViewA Keep Warm feature maintains foods like vegetables, soups, hors d’oeuvres, gravies, sauces, and desserts at constant temperature without overcooking for up to 30 minutes until your family or guests arrive
  • Popcorn button
  • Set cooking and reheating times in one-minute intervals
  • A convenient delayed start feature lets you start the microwave automatically at a time that is convenient for you
  • Integrated time-of-day clock and timer
  • Child safety lock protects inadvertent operation
  • Exterior dimensions are a compact 12-1/4H x 20-11/16W x 15-3/16D while its interior dimensions are a spacious 9-15/16H x 13-15/16W x 14-3/8D inches and it weighs a lightweight 25.5 lbs.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you prefer your microwave built in to a new or existing wall or cabinet, Panasonic offers an optional stainless-steel trim kit that is compatible with a 27-inch cabinet opening. Precision manufactured to enhance the look and fit of your microwave and the décor of your kitchen, this stylish trim kit will keep its quality and beauty for years to come.

Panasonic NN-SN686S 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft. Countertop/Built-In Microwave NN-TK621SS Trim Kit >>>


Customer Reviews

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Space Saver Microwave Comparison



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