A vacuum oven is an efficient way to dry small parts, remove solvents, or even remove impurities from cannabis.  A vacuum oven works by decreasing the pressure inside the oven which lowers the vaporization temperature and allows drying to occur at lower temperatures.

Vacuum Oven: Across International AT09P7.110 Ai Vacuum Drying Oven Main ViewThat’s why a vacuum oven is the best choice for drying delicate equipment and parts that would not be able to withstand normal oven drying temperatures.


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Vacuum drying ovens can be used for a variety of industrial processes including moisture determination, outgassing solids, aging tests, plating, chemical resistance studies, paper drying, rubber drying, textile drying, desiccating, outgassing liquids, vacuum storage, electronic process control, and much more.

Vacuum ovens have been in use for years by military, aerospace, medical, and automotive labs because of their efficiency in removing moisture from temperature-sensitive parts and equipment.


What should you look for in a vacuum oven for your operation?

Temperature Uniformity

Arguably, the most important characteristic of any vacuum oven is its ability to maintain the desired temperature and distribute that temperature evenly inside the oven chamber.

Most likely you will want to place your items throughout the oven on shelves so that you can dry the most items at the same time.





Putting them on shelves distributes the items, but how do you get the same heat to all the items equally?  It helps to use shelves made of a thermal-conductive material like aluminum, but that’s only one part of the problem.

Vacuum Oven: Across International AT09P7.110 Ai Vacuum Drying Oven Features ViewAn effective method is to provide a distributed heat source capable of providing heat to all areas of the oven simultaneously.


Vacuum Level

Another very important part of the drying process is the vacuum level achieved inside the oven chamber.  The higher the vacuum level, the more effective the drying process will be at a lower temperature and the faster the items will be dried.

To achieve an effective vacuum level, you need a powerful vacuum pump.  The pump also needs to be reliable and operate at low noise levels in a lab environment.


We searched manufacturer sites, retail sites, social media, product review sites, and laboratory forums to find the most popular and highly rated vacuum ovens.


Take a look at our choice to see if this innovative oven is the best vacuum oven for your needs!


Across International AT09p7.110 Ai 0.9 Cu. Ft. Vacuum Drying Oven

Across International Vacuum Oven: Across International AT09P7.110 Ai Vacuum Drying Oven Main Viewhas more than 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience with drying ovens for material processing at universities, research facilities, and labs. Their Across International AT09p7.110 Ai 0.9 Cu. Ft. Vacuum Drying Oven is one of the most popular available and incorporates the latest vacuum drying technology.  It comes standard with an industrial-first 5-sided pad heating technology that covers left, right, top, bottom, and back of the chamber delivering a 25 percent faster time to temperature and greater temperature uniformity.  This turn-key package includes everything you need to get started including compatibility adapters, connectors, and tubing.


Vacuum Oven: Features

  • 0.9 cu. ft. vacuum drying oven with innovative 5-sided heating pad technology
  • Deep vacuum level produces a lower temperature process that allows the degassing/purging to occur more rapidly
  • 5-sided pad heating technology covers the chamber and when combined with aluminum shelves delivers greater temperature uniformity levels of +/-5% of set point, increasing productivity and superior quality
  • 7 CFM Ai EasyVac single-stage, sliding-vane, compact rotary vacuum pump with 3a /8-inch hose barb vacuum connector, 3-feet of premium food-grade silicone vacuum tubing, and an exhaust oil mist filter that returns trapped pump oil back to the pump for lower noise operation
  • Twin thermal-conductive aluminum shelves hold items for drying and contribute to temperature uniformity
  • Adjustable gas backfill capability with needle valve and vent port let you backfill to atmospheric pressure at the end of the processing cycle and perform other processes like cooling/quenching of items and curing and converting oil extracts
  • A low proportional gain 3rd generation temperature controller keeps oven temperature within +/- 1-degree F accuracy and has a new LCD display
  • Dual-layer observation window with ½-inch thickness
  • Integrated white LED lights for viewing samples
  • Standard stainless steel tubing/compression fittings and stainless steel vacuum/vent valves provide a higher ultimate vacuum, hold vacuum 10X longer, and require minimum maintenance
  • Stainless steel vacuum and vent adjustment valve knobs provide a cleaner connection, more accurate control, and lasting durability
  • An oil-filled gauge is provided for monitoring
  • 24-hour factory leak testing of every oven ensures high-quality results
  • 2-Year limited vacuum oven warranty, 1-Year limited vacuum pump warranty, and lifetime US-based parts and service support






Included Accessories

  • 1 – Vacuum pump
  • 1 – KF25 quick clamp
  • 1 – KF25 centering ring
  • 3-feet of silicone vacuum tubing
  • 1 – KF25 to 3/8″ hose barb adapter


Customer Reviews

See Across International AT09p7.110 Ai 0.9 Cu. Ft. Vacuum Drying Oven Customer Reviews >>>



  • Reliable performance
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Simple design is easy to use
  • Turn-key setup



  • Some reports that LED lights fail too early













Vacuum Oven



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A vacuum oven is a useful tool in research, industrial, and engineering labs where delicate drying with minimal oxidation is required.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best vacuum oven for your needs!

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