It’s common for the bride and groom to register with any number of retailers to give friends and family wedding gift ideas and toWedding Gift Ideas Ultimate Romantic Gift Basket for Couples make it easier to buy a gift.  This article is not about registries or even buying something that the married couple-to-be is expecting.  We wanted to shake it up a little and give you some wedding gift ideas that are unique, but the newlyweds will definitely love.

How many gifts the new couple receives will be re-gifted or given away is a mystery, but we don’t want your gift to be one of them. Toasters, silverware, and blenders are not on our list.  They are way too boring and forgettable.

While it’s true that newlyweds have needs that include basic necessities to start a household, we believe that they will receive enough of those from well-meaning friends and relatives to satisfy their requirements.  That frees you to go off the grid and get them a unique gift that they won’t expect, but will definitely appreciate and keep them thinking of you.

So we went on a search for wedding gift ideas that are unique, but still helpful as your couple gets their start on their new married life.  We also wanted to pick unique gifts that almost certainly would not be on their registry so you don’t have to worry about duplicating gifts given by other friends and family.

We thought long and hard about what newlywed couples will need as they start out and tried to balance that against fun, excitement, and uniqueness.  There is a tendency for newlyweds to pick some of the same things for their registry because they all have similar needs.  For example, here are the top 31 wedding gifts registered by couples getting married as reported by top retailers and listed by

Some items on the list include stand mixers, sheets, towels, cookware, dinnerware, ice buckets, bar tool kits, glassware, picture frames, blenders, silverware, luggage, slow cookers, coffeemakers, salad bowls, serving bowls, toaster ovens, kitchen knives, and tea kettles.

Do you see what we mean?  These items are boring, not unique, virtually scream generic and are certainly destined to be duplicated and regifted.

Wedding Gift Ideas Awox Striimlight WiFi Music Light BulbFor one thing, if you look for cool gifts in the same place or on the same registry as everyone else, you will definitely find average and very non-unique gifts.  So we had to look other places to find things newlyweds would love to have even if they didn’t put them on their registry.

Going off the grid does have some risk associated with it.  Usually, you would expect to have to know a lot about the couple in order to choose wisely.  We aren’t completely ignoring the risk here, because we believe that we’ve found gifts that will make the couple embrace a new area in their life if they aren’t already secretly wanting these gifts.

Let’s talk about our gift ideas in more detail.  You probably didn’t think of some of the gifts on our list either because you didn’t know about them, you wouldn’t have considered them for your newlyweds, or they’re too expensive.  Some of the gifts on the list are definitely budget-busters, but many are not.

One of the coolest ideas on our list has to do with remembering their wedding day and being able to revisit it in the future.  When you’re young, the last thing you think about doing is taking the time to record all of the events of the day other than maybe with pictures and video.  A wedding time capsule on the other hand, let’s you capture memorabilia from the day and from their honeymoon that they can revisit by opening the time capsule on some anniversary in the future.  It will no doubt be a blast from the past and bring back a flood of memories of that special time.

We’re not big fans of gift baskets because they usually don’t take a lot of thought or personal investment.  We just couldn’t get over the gift basket we chose for our list.  It is truly a very special romantic basket just for the newlywed couple.  This is one gift basket that they won’t soon forget!

We’re also not big fans of small appliances for wedding gifts, even though this is a site about microwave ovens.  So many of the items put on registries are small appliances and going off the grid for a small appliance risks duplication.  We had to make an exception in this case.  As we all try to eat healthier, there is a new appliance on the block that lets the newlyweds have their cake and eat it too; so to speak.  It’s an airfryer that replaces unhealthy oil with hot air to fry your favorite foods.  Everyone loves fried food, but they hate the calories.  Now they can remove all the oily, heavy calories usually associated with fried foods.  They will be totally surprised.

A gift that sometimes shows up on registries, but in any case is a must-have for newlyweds, if they haven’t already thought of it.Wedding Gift Ideas Candy Crate 1990s Classic Retro Candy Box Pictures of their special day have a tendency to show up in albums and online where they may revisit them a few times, but more likely than not will forget about them after a short while.  A digital photo frame, particularly a large, high resolution model, will keep those wedding memories alive for a very long time in an unobtrusive way sitting on a mantel or table.  You can’t put a price on memories like these.

The first days of marriage are a time for newlyweds to come together and share experiences including remembering their childhoods and comparing notes.  One of our fondest memories of childhood are the foods and drinks we loved and don’t get a chance to enjoy anymore because they don’t exist or we just don’t take the time.  You can give them sweet memories of their childhood with a nostalgic candy box which features candy from when they were children to share and remember.

Surveys have shown that the last thing on newlyweds’ minds when they get  back from the honeymoon is cleaning, chores, and other dirty jobs that are all part of family life.  Probably furthest of all from their minds is having to install, repair, and assemble a number of things like lights, shelves, desks, and other furniture.  In most cases, when they get to that point, they won’t even have the tools they need to do the job.  That’s where you can help out.  This is a gift that they will use for years and years, even as they move from home to home.  A household took kit has every tool that your new married couple will need to get started.  Trust me, nobody else is thinking of giving this gift.

Wedding Gift Ideas Nix 12-Inch Hi-Res Digital Photo FrameThere have to be some fun wedding gifts and one of the newest and most innovative around is the WiFi music light bulb speaker. That’s right, they just screw it into any socket, sync their phone wirelessly, and they’ve got music anywhere in the home.  How cool is that!?

We are big proponents of the outdoors and picnics as a way to bring a family together.  A great wedding gift that will keep them sharing good times together is a picnic backpack including all the utensils and even a blanket to enjoy a picnic in the park together. It is a gift that we hope they will still be using on their 25th Anniversary!

The  number two device in our household is our Tivo Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player.  We hardly watch any live TV anymore and haven’t for several years.  It’s so much faster and more enjoyable to fast-forward through commercials in TV shows, sporting events, and movies.  This may end up as their favorite gift.  Just a word of caution that there is a monthly fee associated with Tivo of around $20.  So you may want to think about giving them some extra money to pay for the first year or so.

I don’t like pizza….said no one ever!!!  Here we go with another appliance and in this case we just couldn’t help ourselves.  Why order out for pizza when you can make your own or enjoy a high-quality frozen pizza for a lot less money.  That is something that a new family starting out will definitely appreciate.  The pizza oven on our list is unique in that it cooks the topping and the crust separately with top and bottom adjustable heating elements.  They will get great pizza results fast, and if you’re lucky, they might invite you over for a slice.

Another gift you won’t find on any registry and your couple is probably not thinking about is a compact portable jump starter andWedding Gift Ideas Picnic At Ascot Classic Picnic Backpack for 4 power station.  That’s a mouthful, but it simply means a device that can jump start your car all by yourself without needing jumper cables or another vehicle.  This is a great emergency tool that is so compact it can fit nearly anywhere in the car, even the glove box, but will be ready at a moment’s notice to save them the first time their car won’t start due to a dead battery.  They also happen to come with a built-in emergency flashlight with SOS and have the capability to charge all your portable devices when traveling. Everyone should have one in their car.

We’ve talked about the Tivo DVR and that it is also a streaming media player.  One of the most popular gifts not on any registry is the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player.  It allows you to watch literally thousands of movies and TV shows for free and incurs no monthly charges.  That’s great for a new couple that can’t afford the high cost of cable TV.  You do need to have high-speed internet to use it, so keep that in mind.

Another gift that should make every list is an action/adventure camcorder like the GoPro.  You may  not have heard about them, but I guarantee your newlyweds have.  This is the camera they need to take with them on their honeymoon, to capture all those exciting action moments on the water, at the beach, or in the mountains, that a regular camcorder is not designed to do.  They will love and use this gift everywhere they go.

Wedding Gift Ideas Apollo Precision Tools DT0204 71-Piece Home Tool KitFood is the great bond that we all have and it’s an important part of a newly married couple’s life.  What better way to have fun than to cook together as a couple.  That’s what our cooking kit gift is all about.  They just provide the meat and your gift provides all the spices and fun to prepare an awesome meal for two.

Video games are some of the most popular forms of media available and aren’t just popular with kids.  This is a great way for a couple to unwind and share some time together in an alternate universe.  If they don’t end up being too competitive, it will be a great way for them to have fun together.

Okay, you didn’t think you were going to get away without us suggesting at least one microwave oven gift?  So we added a bonus 16th gift that you weren’t even expecting!  Whoa!  We really believe that a microwave oven, especially an inverter model like those made by Panasonic, can be a great gift for newlyweds.  We recommend a 1.2 cu. ft. model as a compromise between counter space and capacity.

I think you get the idea!  We wanted to help you out by putting together our Top 15  Unique Wedding Gifts list so that you can have a great starting point to put a big smile on their face on their special day.  You won’t see a list like this anyplace else, because we’re not listing the most popular items, the hottest gifts, or the chic gifts.  A lot of these gifts would be great gifts for couples in general besides newly married couples.  Some of them are definitely unusual gifts.  On thing is certain, these are not wedding registry ideas. Instead, we’ve included real-world, practical items in our list that they will love and will use for years to come.  Every time they use their new gift, they will think of you!

Read on to see if you can find some wedding gift ideas they’ll love from our list!  Then, just click on the picture to get help choosing the right brand and model.


Wedding Gift Ideas: Top 15 Unique Newlywed Gifts


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