It’s always the same story; what should you buy your wife for her birthday?  First off, you get points for remembering!  What you need are some great wife birthday ideas to help you get started.  Birthday Gifts Men Roku 3 Streaming Media Player Main View

You can find plenty of lists with jewelry, candy, and flowers on them.  She will love jewelry of course, but the memory may only last a short while.  What you need is a gift that she will use every day and think of you each time she uses it.  The first question you should ask is, “What is she into?”  Take a look at what she spends most of her time doing, or wishes she was doing, and you’ll probably find some very good candidate wife birthday ideas.

My wife likes cooking, reading, watching “her shows”, listening to music, using her laptop, and playing games with our daughter on our old Wii.  A lot of what she likes happens on our TV, so a new big screen TV is also a candidate (and of course I could use it, too!)

Some of the things she’s interested in, like a lot of women seem to be, are new technology and electronics.  With that in mind, some gifts that might be appropriate include a new laptop, a media streaming box, a new tablet computer like an iPad or Kindle Fire, a new game console, a backup camera for her car, one of those new black box emergency cameras for the car, a set of those new-fangled headphones, a new larger monitor to view the laptop on, and the list goes on.

There are also some things that your wife may not really enjoy doing that much, but she has to do them anyway including cleaning, vacuuming, ironing laundry, and yard work.  In those categories you might choose wife birthday ideas that she would find useful and appreciate that make her life a little easier and those tasks she dreads more palatable.

Wife Birthday Ideas Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Front ViewFor instance, having the right tools to clean can make all the difference and a great home steam cleaner cleans better and safer than chemical sprays.  If you or her worry about her getting stranded in her car, a portable jump box, especially one of those new compact models, could be just the thing to set your minds at ease.  Does she drink beer or wine and entertain?  What about a fancy beer refrigerator or wine refrigerator to keep beverages cold, show them off, and store plenty for parties? Something that can make a big difference is a home garment steamer to replace that iron and make removing wrinkles from garments and other fabrics easy and fast. Are you still suffering with an old outdated microwave oven that you can only use for popcorn and making tea?  A new inverter microwave will make cooking easy and fast!

I think you get the idea.  We wanted to help you out by putting together our top 15 women’s birthday gifts list so that you can have a great starting point to make her happy on her birthday.  You won’t see a list like this anyplace else, because we’re not listing just the most popular items, romantic items, perfume, or jewelry.  We included real-world, practical items in our list that she will love and will use for years to come.  Every time she uses her new gift, she will think of you!

Read on and see if one of these wife birthday ideas is the perfect one for the woman in your life!  Just click on any one to find out more information and reviews on the best ones to buy.

15 Great Wife Birthday Ideas



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This list should give you some great ideas for birthday gifts!  As always thanks for reading our birthday gift article!  We sincerely hope that this article has given you valuable information that you can use to find some great wife birthday ideas for your wife!

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